Buddhism is a spiritual tradition which illuminates the path towards the realisation of one’s highest potential. The Buddha – ‘One who knows’ – is the embodiment of this state of perfect wisdom and compassion. His legacy has inspired and enriched countless lives for more than 2500 years. Over the years, Buddhism has evolved into a variety of forms – the Theravada [represented by Sri Lankan, Burmese and Thai Buddhism ], the Mahayana [ Chinese, Japanese and Korean Buddhism ]; and the Vajrayana [ Tibetan and Mongolian Buddhism].

Started in 1983 as Singapore’a first public Buddhist book service, the Buddhist Library aims to promote a holistic understanding and appreciation of Buddhism through study and practice. The Buddhist Library is not exclusively affiliated to any particular Buddhist school or tradition. Taking on a universal approach to Buddhism, it encourages Buddhists irrespective of school, tradition or orientation, to come together to study, interact and cooperate with each other.




M.A.D - Make a Difference Book Competition

Ever come across a book which you felt made a huge difference to your life?

Ever thought how great it would be if you could share that book with the rest of the world?

Ever imagine how that book could make the same difference in the lives of others?

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Can A Hidden Agenda be Virtuous

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  Genuine Happiness from the Path of Joy:
The Buddhist Library, Past and Present
(Commemorating the Buddhist Library's 30th Anniversary)

Sri Lanka Buddhist Art